Monday, June 14, 2010

The Ball is Rolling

Last week, there's been a number of people coming and going...
  1. Site inspection - tick
  2. Bore hole soil test - tick
  3. Contour survey of land - tick
  4. Tender presentation scheduled for early July
So far so good with one exception...

The guy who did the bore hole soil test was a little disrespectful to say the least. He destroyed our hedges along side our driveway. Looks like he just bull-dozed over it despite the fact we left our driveway clean and clear. What's most disappointing is that he didn't even have the courtesy to call and let us know  what had happened! See photos...

It wasn't so much about the hedges but just the total lack of respect he had for the property. There was rubbish left behind on site in addition to the destruction of the hedges! Now, there are no guarantees that this "New Home" plan would proceed as the development plans have not been submitted to council for approval. Moreover, this is our primary residence and so the least we expected was a little courtesy!

Over the weekend, we wrote an email providing some feedback to our sales consultant. We were pleasantly surprised by his speedy response confirming that it would be further investigated and the feedback would be dealt with appropriately.

And so it looks like step one is complete! And we now wait to discuss the new tender with the presenters in a couple of weeks.

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