Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bricking Commences 27th April 2011

Right after the long Easter break, the bricking commences...

Since, I have some time off work, I'll make an effort to write a line or two about our experience so far.

To date, the site has been kept relatively clean, the neighbours have complimented the contractors who have worked on site.  Two thumbs up there.

The only major hiccup so far is the door frames on our bottom floor.  We have raised our ceilings to 2340mm from the standard height of 2040mm, with this, we felt it would look and feel better to raise all our door heights 300mm as well.  When the timber frames were complete, the ceiling height was correct, however, the doors are of standard height, so the carpenters will have to return and have the door frames corrected - which is a bummer!  We noticed this error from the street as the windows and doors didn't line up, so if anyone is at this stage and have upgraded their doors like we have, this is how you can tell without a site inspection.

The bricking is starting to shape up... which I'm pleased about.  They look a little dull at the moment due to the dampness. In true "Mel style", I noticed that the mortar was looking particularly grey (what they would call "natural" colour) but we had requested "off-white" so I called the Site Supervisor to ensure that they had the mortar colour right as it would be a shame to have to start all over when all that work has been done.  The Site Supervisor assured me that the mortar will dry "off-white". Well I bloody well hope so!

Brick colour - Latte by Austral Bricks

Mortar - "off white" - well it should dry that way according to the Site Supervisor


Swonggie said...

Hi Mel,

House looks fantastic already. Hope things have been going well. I just have one question for you. I noticed it took from June 2010 to Feb 2011 for them to actually demolish your little cottage. Was that due to any particular reason? For example, did your council approvals take a long time? We're going to be buidling in the Hurstville council area and I'm dreading it.


Mel said...

Hi Swonggie,


So sorry I missed your comment... My response may be a little late! So I apologise.

The tender process for the build took a while as we had many revisions to the plan as we upgraded a lot of the interior stuff which was missed by the draftsmen and we had to amend.

Other than that, we submitted our plans to the council in late November if I remember correctly and as Christmas and New Year is a write off, it took longer. Also, we had to revise the plans due to council requirements and plans had to be amended again.

Hope this helps.